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Bel Air, MD 21015


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Jim Meyer reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
Best bike shop in Harford County the whole staff is knowledgable , great service and selection.

Sandy MacIver reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
Great shop! Great service and great bikes for all ages and levels!

John was terrific. They made my 30 year old bike as good as new. They were able to turn around my my repair in a day and a half. I would strongly recommend them!  Michael Watts

What a great local shop. These folks really know what they're doing. They've done numerous repairs on my bike and every single one has been terrific. And, if that wasn't enough, the technicians spent 2 hours with me showing me how to fix a flat tire! These are folks that really care about their customers. Great place!   Eleanor Aquitaine

I've been riding for over 30 years. I ride a lot of miles both mountain and road and am hard on my bikes. I started taking my bikes into the Bike Shop of Bel Air last year and they have been a great group of people to work with. The service is done on time and costs what they say it costs. In the one case where the repair was going to cost more money, they called me up and asked me if I wanted the work done. They even squeezed me in the same day when I had a problem that needed to be fixed prior to a race.  I've been in there probably a couple of dozen times now and have always found the staff to be very friendly and professional  Mark Miword

I was stranded 10 miles from the shop and Carl immediatly jumped i my car to come for the rescue. When in the shop, he took me under his wing to shop me some needed technical tricks so I could be confident on the road and hep myself in times of need.  Missie and Carl, are exceptional people that only want the best for ther clients, I have never experienced anything like it. This is customar service on the next level!  I recommend everybody who wants to find a shop where good advice and excellent service is prior to go here!    C- WaWa

Tricia Psaros reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star·
Thank you for fixing my bike so quickly! I think your shop is awesome! Also thanks for taking the time to explain details about the bike. I definitely will be attending one of your future bike maintenance/repair classes!

Emily Elizabeth reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
Very pleased with everything here. Everyone's very knowledgeable about what they do. Thank you guys!!!!

Geoff Doyle reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
Best shop on the planet ....They are the always super helpful all the time

Great service, and friendly environment. Would definitely go there again.  Ryan Frealey

I can truly say that The Bike Shop of Bel Air is the most helpful, down to earth, and friendly bike shop around.  It is evident that the owners Missie, and Carl are respectful of your needs and the staff including John and Steve are great hard working employees with a passion for the sport. I cannot recommend this shop enough!    James Dulkerian

Best bike shop ever. Fair prices and beyond excellent service... I won't take my bikes anywhere else. Definitely would recommend!  Emily Casola

Nancy Guiberson Tuttle reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
They are great, help you a lot with your bike! Best bike shop around!!

"This is my first bike and I am looking forward to hitting the road! Thanks to all for the great experience provided while going through the purchase and fitting. I never thought there was so much behind finding the right bike. Great people = Long Term Customer"    Greg A.

Nancy Guiberson Tuttle reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
They are great, help you a lot with your bike! Best bike shop around!!

Rob McLewee reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
helped me out with two of my bike restoration projects. Nice stock of parts and great service.

Fixed my son's bike in about 15min for a very reasonable price and everyone was friendly.  Becky Folmer

Sara Connell reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
I had a great experience finding my bike through The Bike Shop. I am a female mountain biker and I was having a very difficult time finding my next bike with my local shops. My local shops all seemed to cater towards male riders, had very little bike selection for females, and were unable to size me on anything similar to the bike that I wanted to purchase. They also seemed unconcerned with my predicament. When I called The Bike Shop they were very supportive and genuinely wanted to help me find my next bike. They found a way for me to test ride a selection of bikes that most shops don't stock and that I could be sized on. The shop helped me make an informed decision on my purchase and helped me feel more comfortable with my shopping experience.

Erik Sundquist reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air.
Missie and the Bike Shop of Bel Air take a personal interest and investment in their customers like no other.....I would highly recommend this bike shop!

Jerre Taylor reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
The Bike Shop Bel air is always willing to help you with everything from getting right gear to fixing your bike so you can get back on road pedaling with out too much of wait. It's great place for cyclists to just hang out. I highly recommend this Community store.

Marni Sundquist reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
I would like to give a big shout out to Carl and Missie and crew. They are always going above and beyond with bike repairs, maintenance, cleaning, etc.
Recently, I asked Missie about how to cure saddle sores. She recommended doterra essential oils .. a combo of purify and oregano.. And wham... Those saddle sores disappeared. (The recommendation from the Dr didn't do a thing ) Thank you all for your hard work and support!

Helen Johnson reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star·
Thank you all for the tune up on my Giant Escape 2. Smooth riding once again. Thanks also Craig and Alex for accompanying us on the Giant demo ride yesterday on the Susquehanna trails. You all live and breathe cycling and give great support and encouragement.

Philip Schultz reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
I have only been in the store 2 times, both for repairs. My uncle recommended I take my bike to them to have them fix it. Both times I was there for a walk in service and both times I was in and out in less than 15 minutes or tire repairs!!! Needless to say I won't take my bike anywhere else to get it repaired or serviced!

Mike Leaf reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star·
Thanks Missie, Carl and rest of team for great service and help with all my requests. (The wheels and tires really do make a difference,even for a cyclist like me.)

Wonderful service from people who care about their customers. They're willing to put in the extra time and get you exactly what you need. They always offer tips and show you how to care for your bike and yourself. Definitely will recommend!    Caleb Gordon

Bill Hilly reviewed The Bike Shop of Bel Air — 5 star
My suspension is so plush now thanks to John and the bike shop they do awesome suspension service

I had purchased a bike from another store and I had problems with it working correctly. They could not help me and were very rude. My neighbor recommended The Bike Shop of Bel Air and they quickly fix the problems. I later found out that I purchased a scratch & dent bike that was pieced together with odd ball parts. If you are in the market for a bike, go to these guys and save yourself a lot of headaches.    Bob Bittner

Just want to thank you and the folks at Bike Shop for the great repair to my bike. Really like the Megarange Shimano free wheel you installed and the overall tune-up to the bike. When I've saved up enough to buy a really good road bike, I'll make sure I buy it from the Bike Shop. Thanks again. Gabe

Missie did an awesome job on my bike fitting. Her knowledge on the fitting itself along with all of the bike stuff (shoes, pedals, etc) is just phenomenal for someone who is still fairly new to biking. Highly recommend!!!  Pam Moore

."had my wheels serviced several times by another shop and they still get out of true. (We contacted the manufacturer and sent them for warranty service and issued a loaner)

."So once again, I took my bike to The Bike Shop and received excellent service......  Thanks again for making my biking and bike repair service such a breeze!!!  Pam Moore

Missie, thanks for getting my bike fit "dialed-in"!

."Wow!, my bike looks better than brand new...


Thank you for helping me get my frame replaced and loaning me a bike so that I can continue to ride! 

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.ONCE AGAIN :) AWESOME ..FAST SERVICE...i stopped by today around 4pm...and Frank adjusted derailleur...replaced my cable.... all in about 15 minutes....THanks... and on the road again....shifting fine!!

Charles Powellii

."I was visiting your shop and I really enjoyed the atmosphere as well as talking to your employees. They knew a lot about the bikes in the shop. I am currently saving up for a new mountain bike. When the time comes, I will be visiting your shop!

What are satisfied customers saying?


."Just want to say thank you to the shop and a shout out to Frank. Awesome job tunning up my Family of Treks. Road bikes in for a tuneup in Dec, outstanding service and performance on our 5.2s. Tuneup of the EX9, shock repair and cleaning, primo. Shifted like butter. Man did I miss my MTB. Thank you again." Robert Cooke