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The most important thing for being Flat Tire Repair is being prepared.  You need to make sure you have the need supplies and tools to repair common problems.  Even if you have not mastered Flat Tire repair, you should have the supplies and tools so a good Samaritan or fellow cyclist can assist you.  (read more)

How To Remove & Install Your Pedals

People ask me how I can possibly ride through winter.  First, just the challenge of dressing properly has a lot to do with it but I have to admit that I get a kick out of the looks on people’s faces when I ride my bike in 5 F degree temps.  However, I have been rescued a few times when I simply did not follow my own advice.  (read more)

We all have our favorite gear that we use while cycling. Some are pretty much standard. We would like to share some of our favorites and why they are our favorites (read more)

To remove and install your pedals, you will need either a pedal wrench or allen key tool. Our service department can assist you with the proper tool.  (read more)

The Bike Shop of Bel Air offers hassle free packing and shipping of your bike.   Another option is ShipBikes.com.  They will send you a box and either you drop it off for shipment or they can arrange for door-to-door service.  You can still bring your shipbike box into our store to use and we will prepare it for shipping.  You can simply pick it back up and drop it off for shipment or arrange to have it picked up at our shop.  (read more)

How To

Basic Cycling Checklist

how to ship your bike

Bike Wash & Drive Train Cleaning

In the idea world, all our road bike trips would be filled with smooth and non-slippery surfaces.   Road cyclist dread being confronted with a roadway that is full of awkward gravel or that dreaded Tar & Chip ready to bring panic to our ride. Riding on the gravel gauntlet on a road bike can be nerve-racking and dangerous.  (read more)

This article is focused on road bike fitting and not bike sizing. Often these two descriptions become intertwined but they are completely different. With that said, fitting a road bicycle works best when you start with the right size bike; or at a minimum a bicycle that is close enough to your right size.  (read more)

Fixing a Flat

Carl's Winter Riding Tips

what to carry in your saddle bag

If you just recently purchased a new bicycle or you are a seasoned pro, the following checklist summarizes the basic items you will need or check before each ride.  Don't get caught unprepared.  Make sure you check your saddle bag supplies frequently since it is easy to forget to replace a tube after you made a roadside repair. (read more)

The best think you can do for your bicycle is to simply wash it?  Washing cleans not only the road grime and grit but the perspiration (sweat) and spillage from your water bottles.  Sweat and sports drink can cause a lot of long term damage to your bicycle!  (read more)

Basic Understanding of a Bike Fit