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Ozzy deluxe -  $89.00*  most popular


  • Includes all service included in the Ozzy Standard Tune Up shown below in addition to.
  • Remove entire drive train including chain; clean in solvent washer
  • Reinstall, lubricate, and adjust entire drive chain
  • Remove and true wheels
  • Adjust and lubricate all bearings as necessary (cranks, hubs, headset, etc.)
  • Discount on suspension service and brake bleeds.


ozzy tune 


The Bike Shop of Bel Air offers a wide selection of Tune Up packages to meet your needs and budget featuring the leading industry Smart Bike Washer; known as Ozzy.  We can customize these services as needed.  Our exclusive process offers the only method that safely cleans your bicycle including the drive train while safe on the environment.  No other shop in the area provides this level of service to our cycling community and environment!  We have over four years experiencing using the newest technology for your bike.  Curious?  Stop by and visit Ozzy.

locally owned & m​anaged



*Service Packages do not include parts, brake fluids, suspension fluids or additional repairs, if needed.

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ozzy kids, bmx & singlespeed* - $49.00

  • Adjust chain tension
  • Adjust brakes
  • Lube Chain
  • Inflate tires
  • Light frame cleaning
  • Check/tighen all frame, handlebar and seat bolts


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Don't have time to clean and lubricate your drive train?

Let our service professionals and Ozzy do it for you!


Ozzy overhaul  -  $199.00*


  • Strip bike to frame & clean
  • Parts wash, clean, reinstall
  • Parts wash, clean, reinstall and lubricate all component parts
  • True wheels
  • Repack all bearings with grease
  • Bleed brakes (mountain bike).  Fluid additional charge.
  • Install new standard cables and housing (cables and housing included) excluding hydro lines.  Additional charge Tandem bikes.  If requested, we can supply upgraded cable/housing at additional cost.
  • Wrap handlebars (bar tape additional cost)
  • Check torque/tighten all frame, handlebar, seat bolts
  • ​Discount on suspension service and brake service

​Our large service staff allows us to service all bikes in-house.  

ozzy standard - $69.00*

  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs.
  • Adjust bearings on hubs, bottom bracket and headset.
  • Clean complete drive train on the bike
  • Light Frame cleaning
  • Simple true of Wheels.
  • Adjust and align brake pads.
  • Lube cables, shifters, brake posts and derailleurs as necessary.
  • Inflate tires.
  • Check torque/tighten all frame, handlebars and set bolts.